Narrative Report The Division Of Volunteer And Emergency Karina-Kas

On Thursday after the morning Eucharist, Rama FX. Sukendar, Pr coordinated a number of people to do care-taking steps. From that brief meeting, we made four poskos (Taman Asri, Gawan, Tenggak and Tangkil). Even the parish could collect some donation. Because of the emergency situation maybe all seemed unorganized at first. But the most important thing was that many people were willing to join as volunteers (150 in total). Housewives spontaneously prepared meals for the beneficiaries; the others helped distribute urgent needs such as blankets, instant noodles, clothes, etc. So far Sragen Parish together with KARINA-KAS has supported 1,500 beneficiaries of 16 district covered areas after the coordination on Friday evening, 28th December 2007 in Purbowardayan parish.
January 3rd, 2008 we were invited by KARINA-KAS sub Purbowardayan Parish in Solo to handle the emergency phase followed by getting trainings about how to make reports. The emergency phase itself manages several aids such as toolkits, meals, transportation for all poskos and the direct distribution on location.

B. Mechanism
So far we do mechanisms as follows:
a. Establishing solid team
b. Making field coordination
c. Making a note and budgeting poskos’ needs
d. Realizing KARINA’s funds by purchasing needs
e. Distributing urgent needs to each posko
f. Collecting and processing the needed data

C. Implementation
From the meeting at Purbowardayan Parish Solo, KARINA-KAS gave funds in the amount of Rp 10,500,000 for beneficiaries and Rp 21,300,000 for volunteers’ meals and transportation cost. And 4,150 kgs of rice (for beneficiaries). While from local distribution goods got donations and financial supports (Rp. 28,000,000) from the benefactors and the Parish themselves.
This 5-day-period the distribution of goods and money covers 4 poskos or locations. The food packages include rice, tea, sugar, cooking oil, cooking spices (garlic, onion, ketchup, and chili), instant noodles, baby milk, biscuits, mineral water, and salted fish. The non food packages include blankets, clothes, kitchen-set, towel, detergent, women tampon, mosquito repellent and tarpaulins. For complete information, see the list attached).

To support the action report, we inserted few photos described below:
Floods in Pandak village, Sidoharjo district
Floods in Tenggak village, Sidoharjo district
The volunteers are helping beneficiaries in Gawan village, Tanon district
Floods in Tambak village, Bengawan Solo riverside
The drowned land has smashed up a house in Seloromo – Jenawi
Beneficiaries tried to save their possessions from drowned land in Seloromo – Jenawi
Volunteers’ activity at the church, as center posko.
Meals distribution for flood beneficiaries in Tenggak
Kitchen-set distribution in Pandak villege

This is the action report we made for KARINA-KAS. Hopefully we can up-date the progressed da data and information regularly.

Thank You,
Ellen Andaka

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