Narrative (Action) Report 2

But on the whole everything goes well. From the observation and monitoring made, the beneficiaries got sufficient supplies (rice, sugar, instant noodles, cooking oil, baby milk, blanket, clothes, toiletries etc.). But we do not stop here. As reported before, Sragen Parish has 4 poskos: Gawan, Tenggak, Tangkil and the church itself. Because of the developed situation we are expanding covered areas in which many beneficiaries need our more attention indeed such as in Karangdowo, Gronong Pulosari Kebakkramat, Wirun village Sidoharjo, Pandak, Gambiran, Banyon Karangmalang, Karangbendo, Krapyak, Pecing Sumengko, Pungkruk, Banyuning, and Ngawi.
Rp 10,500,000,- from KARINA-KAS (10/1/2008) and Rp. 3,709,500 from local funds have been distributed to all locations in various kind of packages. Each package contains various kind of needs: food – rice, eggs,cooking oil, instant noodles, salted fish, baby milk and non food – tarpaulin, clothes, blanket, stationery, and toiletries. This week until this report is made, KARINA-KAS sub Purbowardayan Parish sent 1 sack of towel, 57 packs + 3 tubes of toothpastes, 30 packs + 6 pieces of toothbrushes, 50 bottles + 50 sachets of shampoo, 50 sachets of Lavenda (anti mosquito lotion), 80 bars of soap, and 20 packs of detergent (10/1/2008). Donations from benefactors still come continually as well. Rm. Rubyatmoko, Pr (GULAKU) from Yogyakarta donated 418 kilograms of sugar, 2 tons of rice, 28 cartons of instant noodles, 400 packs of tea, 200 kilograms of salted fish and 13 boxes of eggs (11/1/2008). Ibu Sarno donated 463 empty bottles for kerosene (11/1/2008). Association of (paguyuban) St. Lukas donated 10 packs of paper books (12/1/2008). SMP Pangudi Luhur Jakarta donated 13 sacks of clothes (14/1/2008). For complete information, see the list attached.

Challenges and supports
• It’s been mentioned before that some difficulties are found in certain areas caused by the remote locations or they have not been listed on our data yet.
• Beneficiaries are lack of medical treatment because of the flooded water, many of them start getting itches, ISPA (upper respiratory infection disease such as pharyngitis and laryngitis), Chikungunya and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (demam berdarah) diseases.
• The coordination among volunteers runs smoothly. Every activity is centered at the church so that every problem even for the small one can be discussed, solved, observed and monitored together.
• All volunteers really have hearts, strong will and sincerity to give their energy and get involved in this “free job”. They are very well-scheduled although each of them has his/her own work to do according to his/her own profession.
• Both Rm. FX. Sukendar, Pr and Rm. FX. Suhanto, Pr unhesitatingly give endless supports and join directly to handle situation inside and outside the main posko. This can make the team more solid.

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