Narrative (Action) Report 3

In results we keep expanding areas. According to the notes and data listed, dropping urgent needs for this week goes to Guwosari, Jenar, Kedawung, Ngrawoh, Ngrampal, Tenggak, Sambung Macan, Sidoharjo, Mageru, Teguhan, Gawan, Jenawi, Pandak, Pecing, Gondang, Tunggul, Kerjo, Jambangan, Sambirejo and Pati. Distributions contain packages with various items such as food – rice, sugar, tea, instant noodles, milk, eggs, salted fish, cooking spices and non food – cleaning tools, toiletries, stationery, kitchen set, blankets, clothes and mosquito repellents.
KARINA-KAS itself has sent 1,000 kilograms of rice, 151 blankets, and 6 packs of multivitamins this week. Even more, KARINA-KAS has given away 275 pieces of forks, 250 pieces of shovels, 250 pieces of sickles, 549 pieces of hoes, 825 pieces of buckets and 549 pieces of bamboo baskets. We get 5 boxes of instant noodles from a local benefactor as well. Local funds has spent Rp 2,534,000,- (17-22/1/2008) for purchasing needed goods as mentioned above.
On January 20th, 2008 Klaten Parish sent 4 medical doctors and 20 nurses to give free medical aids and treatments for beneficiaries in Gawan and Tenggak districts. It started at 8 am and ended at about 13.30 pm; more than 350 patients were taken care of.

Challenges and supports
• Sragen Parish starts to have difficulty in getting donations. Although the situation and condition has got better progressively, in the other hand we must still keep supporting the beneficiaries until they are able to stand on their own feet. Meanwhile, the local government has stopped its activities related to these disastrous incidents that happened here.

• The volunteers’ spirit never goes out. They continuously work and work; some are handling the incoming goods, some are distributing them, the others are doing financial account, making reports, preparing volunteers meals and transportation, collecting and processing data, etc.

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